Cauli Wars
We recently received this fantastic letter about a family in a pickle over our famous pickled cauliflower!

Good evening Joanna…..

I’m sorry to email so late…but I appear to be in a bit of a pickle (see what I did there!)

I’ve just done the big shop at the Asda and hubby (who loathes shopping of any kind!) Had to be bribed with a treat not to loll all over the trolley, dragging his feet and generally being a ‘Kevin the teenager’ (this reference might go over your head if you’re not of a certain age! In this case, Google is your friend)

Anyhoo…his little 48 year old face considerably lit up when I agreed he could choose his own treat and he made a beeline for a jar of Bartons Mixed Pickles, as he adores the pickled cauliflower in it.

On returning home, I was unpacking the shopping as he ‘rested’ after his shopping marathon and my 21 year old plumber daughter arrived home. Again…the sight of your product brought untold joy to get another human being in the space of less than 30 minutes.

Now herein lies the problem…she took a fork and opened the jar and fished out ALL of the cauliflower, declaring that she would have settled for a full jar of it for her tea. (As you are based in St Helens, you’ll understand that by tea, I mean evening meal and not a brew).

Hubby is NOT a happy bunny….it’s carnage in here…Cauli Wars in fact…she’s laughing (and has cauli/vinegar breath that could kill a warthog at 70 paces) and he’s sulking threatening to write to Santa to have her placed permanently on the naughty list for crimes against pickled vegetables.

For the sake of family harmony, and my sanity…could you please PLEASE tell me where I can get a catering sized jar of pickled cauliflower (or two) as a matter of urgency before he casts her from the house and makes her live in the shed.

I’m in the Widnes area, so if you know of any places near there that could save the mental fortitude of a mithered mother and wife, I’d be ever so grateful.

Yours cauliflowerly